Welcome Mansour Engineering Ltd.

During the past 36 years, we have completed thousands of projects of varying degrees of complexity in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec, the Yukon and Northwest Territories. MEL’s mission is to deliver the projects in a rational , expeditious, cost-effective manner, while maintaining the normal standards of engineering, and construction quality.

We have refined understanding for client and market priorities in all facets of the mechanical and civil engineering field from engineering assessments and studies through typical and specialized design commissions, document production, contract administration, design/build, energy studies, field inspection and supervision, to building systems commissioning and consulting services for building operations

Experienced & Professional

Founded in 1978, we are a Mechanical, and Civil Engineering firm committed to quality finished projects for our clients.


MEL designs always try  to reflects a clear understanding of the Client intended facility operations, maintenance practices and project goals.


MEL design strives for cost effective approach incorporating life-cycle analysis in the selection of materials and systems.
A balance must be achieved between the desire for innovative design and the realities of traditional operating and maintenance practices. Durability, ease of maintenance and material innovation are encouraged.
We believe that completeness, accuracy and integrity of contract documents must be assured by a thorough constructability quality assurance program. Our documents are always comprehensive, clearly detailed and well-coordinated across trades.
we always attempt to achieve full Project Satisfaction for our clients.