Scope of services:

  • Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM).
  • Client Proponent.
  • Commissioning or Start up Support.
  • Owner’s Engineer/ Independent Project Oversight. 
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Technical audits. 
  • Planning / Feasibility studies. 
  • Studies and Analysis. 
  • Expert Testimony.


MEL seeks to learn and improve on completed construction projects. Our team is always ready to participate in any post occupancy evaluation.

High Performance

MEL always considers adding high performance features in large capital projects that maximize operational energy savings; improve comfort, health, and safety of occupants and visitors; and limit detrimental effects on the environment.

Approach & Methodology “Project Task Force”

MEL’s initial step is to define our client’s objective with a detailed scope of work and a deliverable project list. MEL’s Internal Management Approach is based on the Project Task Force assignment where specific key personnel are assigned as job leaders for each discipline. These leaders are the most experienced and proficient engineers having related experience applicable to the specific project. Our Management is a step function which provides a list of activities that must be reviewed prior to proceeding.
Quality Assurance is implemented at the schematic design stage (conceptual). MEL’s quality assurance is an inclusive review of our work . Quality assurance procedures include random selection of systems and equipment elements for verification of specific design parameters and final goal.
Project Management overview integrates schedule and cost control into each and every aspect of design. MEL’s project management objective is to develop a design that satisfies all requirements and is economically feasible to construct. To that end, cost estimating is within the preview and capabilities of each project leader.
Without sacrificing quality control or cost control, MEL understands that Engineering Schedule is of the utmost importance and prepares a detailed Design Time line for each item on the project deliverable list and proceeds on schedule by adjusting manpower activity to finish on time.